Heating the Way Forward: A Sustainable Vision for Europe and Central Asia

We are pleased to announce the publication of our collaboration with The World Bank on a framework for sustainable heating in Europe and Central Asia, where heating remains dependent on fossil fuels and inefficient technologies. The new framework calls for reducing heating demand through energy efficiency in buildings and changing user behaviors, bolstering and decarbonizing district heating where viable, and promoting clean building-level heating systems where centralized heating is not economic.

Our team–Denzel Hankinson, Christopher Parcels, Elizabeth Miller, and Arto Nuorkivi–contributed two chapters to the report. First, we assessed the financial and operational viability of district heating companies and identified reforms and cleaner technologies and fuels that could improve their sustainability. Second, we analyzed the financial and economic costs of individual heating solutions like stoves, boilers, and heat pumps and assessed the impact of combining investments in cleaner technologies with improved energy efficiency in buildings.

We hope this report will help guide reform efforts and sustainable investments that will improve the quality, affordability, and environmental and health impacts of heating in the region. Check out the report to learn more: https://lnkd.in/eW8inFYM

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