Electricity meter box in Yerevan, Armenia
Electricity transmission Lines in Naryn oblast, Kyrgyz Republic
Power station maintenance schedule board in Yaren district, Nauru
Solar-powered streetlight in Dili, East Timor
Sanitation solutions in Tokmok, Kyrgyz Republic
Coal-fired heat-only boiler in Zamyn-Üüd soum, Dornogovi aimag, Mongolia
Electricity meter testing laboratory in Tirana, Albania
Technical losses in water supply in rural Armenia
Solar panel in Naypyidaw, Myanmar
Electricity meter in a ger in Tsogttsetsii soum, Ömnögovi aimag, Mongolia
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We work to improve infrastructure services

DHInfrastructure works to improve the availability, quality and affordability of infrastructure services.

We help clients meet the challenges of investing in infrastructure projects, regulating infrastructure services, or planning for future demand.

Our clients come from the public sector, private sector, and inter-governmental organizations, in developed and transition economies.

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