Economic analyst for US regulatory practice

DHInfrastructure (, an economic consulting firm based in Massachusetts, is looking to hire an analyst for its growing US energy regulatory practice. This is a position for someone with 2-3 years’ experience in a US state-level regulatory body (PSC, PUC, or similar), the regulatory affairs department of an energy utility, or the regulatory practice of an economic consulting firm.

Analysts will work closely with senior-level staff, developing analysis and preparing testimony on proceedings before US state-level energy regulators. Responsibilities will include developing an overall strategy for approach to a case, undertaking the research and analysis agreed as part of that strategy, contributing to the preparation of discovery questions and responses to discovery questions, and contributing to the preparation of expert witness testimony.

The position will be located in either our main office in Worcester, MA or our satellite office in Northampton, MA. We offer a competitive salary (based on relevant experience and education) along with dental, health, and retirement benefits. Other perks include the option to join the company mobile plan, continuing education, staff retreats, Friday happy hours, and possible work travel opportunities.

You should apply if any, or all, of the following apply to you:
• I have an opinion on whether it is better to recover costs through a fixed or variable charge
• I spend my free time listening to podcasts on, reading about, or just generally sitting around thinking about energy, climate change, and/or regulatory policy issues
• I am scrupulous and not afraid of a few hours carefully checking utility invoices
• I think I could come up with an approach to complete the above task in less than a few hours
• I once tried to explain to someone at a dinner party what the different charges are on their utility bill
• I generally understand what is being said when I hear, “The 9.6% recommended return on equity results in a 7.3% or $8.4 million return on rate base and, combined with the $38 million in operating expenses, will require a 7.8 percent increase in base rates.”

Successful applicants will:
• Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field (economics, math, public policy, government, etc.)
• Have exceptional writing and oral communication skills
• Be able to think logically, and explain their thinking clearly
• Be self-starters, and be highly motivated to learn and rigorously apply new analytical frameworks
• Have an interest, and 2-3 years hands-on experience in energy sector regulation
• Have advanced Excel skills (we’d also like to know if you have any experience with other data analysis tools such as STATA, SAS, SQL, Python, R, etc)

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and contact details for two references (academic or professional). Applications without these materials will not be considered. Materials may be sent to