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Abengoa Kaxu Project Evaluation

Organization: DHInfrastructure


Abengoa KaXu is a 100 MW power plant developed by Abengoa Solar South Africa Pty Ltd, in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. KaXu was the first operational private sector utility-scale concentrated solar power (CSP) plant with storage in the developing world. After the first year of the plant's operation, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) wanted an evaluation to inform IFC Blended Finance Unit, IFC management, Clean Technology Fund (CTF) member countries, the climate finance community, and other key stakeholders of the development outcomes achieved by the project through design, construction and first year of operation.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure evaluated the project through an analysis of project documents, semi-structured interviews with project staff and key stakeholders, and expert assessment. The evaluation focused on the project's strategic relevance, design, development outcomes, and lessons, with a set of evaluation questions proposed by the client. To answer each question, we conducted several interviews with development agency, Government, and private sector stakeholders involved in the Abengoa KaXu project; reviewed all project documents; and gathered information on the CSP market before and after the project. We paid special attention to the potential demonstration role the KaXu plant has played in expanding the market for CSP in Africa.