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Kyrgyz Republic Energy Sector Reform Whitepaper

Organization: DHInfrastructure


The Governments of the Kyrgyz Republic asked the World Bank for assistance preparing a white paper to lay out the vision and roadmap for energy sector reforms and investment prospectus to improve sector performance, enhancing sector efficiency and sustainability, and ensuring the energy supply reliability.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure helped formulate central objectives for energy sector reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic, identified key pillars and set of concrete policy measures to achieve the proposed reform objectives, and formulated a vision for the energy sector with timebound objectives and a reform implementation plan. We also reviewed the institutional structure of the energy sector including the legal and regulatory framework applied to the policy-making bodies, regulatory functions, and energy utilities, in addition to reviewing the sector's financial structure including pricing, budgetary allocations, and fiscal transfers among sector entities. Our firm also assessed the need to modify existing regulations for the creation of an enabling environment for private sector participation. Finally, we outlined good practices on reforming the energy sector in comparable countries and helped prepare a short-medium term priority investment prospectus for the energy sector in the country.