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Preparation of Renewable Energy Scaling-up Strategy for the Kyrgyz Republic

Organization: DHInfrastructure


The Governments of the Kyrgyz Republic asked the World Bank for assistance in the preparation of a renewable energy scaling-up strategy. The strategy had to be comprehensive, clear, and effective in demonstrating how World Bank resources and other donor and private sector financing could be used in the Kyrgyz Republic to overcome current obstacles to the wider penetration of RE.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure conducted a desktop review of prior work in consultation with key stakeholders (e.g., State Committee including the RE and power departments, Energy Holding, EPP, NESK, etc.) in order to confirm the technical and economic potential for solar, wind and mini-hydro technology in the country, and validate the indicative planning methodology used for site prioritization based on estimated yield, proximity to demand, grid constrains and local risk assessments. We also assessed the institutional capacity gaps, including technical and technological gaps to be addressed in order to enable RE development in the Kyrgyz Republic. Finally, we designed potential financial mechanisms to be employed for the scaling up of renewables in the country.