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Office of Pacific Energy Regulators Alliance (OPERA) Capacity Building and Support

Organization: DHInfrastructure


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) wanted to strengthen the capacity of the Office of Pacific Energy Regulators Alliance (OPERA) to develop and implement regional regulation and tariff reform measures in the Pacific. ADB wanted to operationalize OPERA sector reforms to improve regional capacity building, knowledge sharing activities, and policy dialogues and to prepare analytical studies on regional development issues in utilities regulation and tariffs.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure reviewed the regulation sector in Pacific countries and identified issues in the sector related to regulation and tariffs, utilities sustainability and operations, quality of engineering, infrastructure, and maintenance, generation, transmission, distribution, and development of renewable projects. We also prepared a regional information database that included regulation and tariff guidelines and methodologies, a template of financial cost recovery models for utilities' regulation, and petition guidelines for utilities. DHInfrastructure, in addition, conducted capacity building and policy dialogue activities on regulation and tariffs, identified key issues and challenges with regulation and tariff reforms in the region, and provided input on regulation and tariff benchmark studies.