Projects of Public Private Partnerships Sector

ADB Mongolia Free Trade Zone PPP

Organization: DHInfrastructure


ADB has supported the development of Mongolia's Zamyn-Uud free zone, to serve as a catalyst for diversifying Mongolia's economy, integrating it into regional and global value chains, and increasing employment opportunities. To complement project activities and enhance knowledge and understanding of various issues related to project implementation and free zone operations, ADB sought a resource person to share international best practice and recommendations for PPPs.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure served as a resource for a Knowledge-Sharing Session on Developing the Economic Cooperation Zone Project in Mongolia. We shared international best practices in public-private partnerships and discussed options for appropriate public-private partnership model to support efficient zone operations and sustainable maintenance arrangements in Mongolia free zone. Participants of the sessions included officials from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Governor's offices of Mongolia's free zones (Zamyn-Uud, Altanbulag and Tsagaannuur), other relevant ministries, and representatives from the private sector.