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Serbia District Heating and Energy Efficiency Synthesis Report

Organization: DHInfrastructure


The World Bank undertook a comprehensive assessment of the district heating (DH) sector in Serbia. This assessment covered (1) the structure and performance of the national DH sector; (2) operational, technical, and financial performance of the DH companies in Nis and Novi Sad; (3) consumption based billing (CBB) practices, challenges, and results; (4) residential EE framework, potential, and costs; and (5) a poverty and social impact assessment. The World Bank wanted independent verification and synthesis of the findings into a cohesive report and presentations to share with the Ministry of Mining and Energy; the DH Association; the DH companies and City Administrations in Niš and Novi Sad; and policy makers and officials at national and local levels.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure reviewed and validated the analyses and findings of each of the previous workstreams. We consolidated the key messages and filled in analytical gaps to complete a Synthesis Report. We tailored the findings for presentations to each stakeholder at the local and national level, and presented actionable recommendations to further the policy diologue.