Projects of Public Private Partnerships Sector

ADB Elder Care

Organization: DH Infrastructure


Like many upper-middle and high income countries, the PRC is experiencing an aging population. Declining birthrates and a longer life expectancy mean the share of elderly population continues to grow steadily, requiring more family and public resources. ADB is working with PRC to build a three-tiered elderly care system that provides care at home, the community, and at institutions. This system will integrate elderly care services with health care. ADB wanted to demonstrate the economic and financial viability of an elderly care facility in Guangxi as a public-private partnership.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure reviewed surveys that assessed the demand for home- and community-based elder care services. The responses, as well as other data that DHInfrastructure collected, was used to conduct a demand analysis for elder care. DHInfrastructure then conducted an economic cost-benefit analysis of the proposed public-private partnership that compared the viability of the project to alternatives. DHInfrastructure then advised ADB on the economic, financial, and institutional sustainability of the project, highlighting any risks and sensitivities to changes in demand forecasting.