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Timor Leste Power Sector Advisory on Options for Interim Generation Contract

Organization: DH Infrastructure


Current operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts for Timor-Leste’s major diesel power plants (Hera, Betano, and Comoro); and O&M arrangements for the operation of the country’s transmission and dispatch system are coming to an end. DHInfrastructure was asked to review the current contractual arrangements and the options being contemplated by key counterpart stakeholders, and advise on most advantageous commercial options as a basis for conclusion of new interim O&M contracts with either (1) the incumbent O&M operators, or (2) suitably qualified alternative O&M operators.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure analyzed the current operations and maintenance arrangements for Timor-L'este's generation, transmission, and dispatch assets, and local capacity to take over operations. Using criteria that was agreed with government, DHInfrastructure proposed and evaluated a few potential interim and future commercial options for the operation and maintenance of the country's generation, transmission and dispatch assets.