Projects of Evaluation Sector

Piloting a Methodology for Assessing Indirect Impacts

Organization: DHInfrastructure


The International Finance Corporation (IFC) had developed guidance materials and data collection tools to help operational teams in the Renewable Energy and Power Advisory Group assess and report the indirect impacts of their advisory services. The aim of this project was to train IFC operational teams in each market to use the tools and guidance materials to collect data on market development and stakeholder sentiment and create a credible argument that attributes market development to IFC's intervention.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure piloted the guidance and data collection materials in five countries in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. We interviewed IFC operations teams, investors, and government officials to evaluate the indirect impact claims in each country. As part of this work, we designed and used data collection tools to evaluate how IFC's interventions led to market development and advised IFC on how to use these tools for future projects the indirect impact methodology. Finally, we disseminated the lessons learned to IFC operations teams in other regions.