Projects of Evaluation Sector

Promoting Good Jobs and Inclusive Growth through Energy Projects in Central and West Asia

Organization: DH Infrastructure


ADB wanted a consultant to analyze the links between energy sector projects, good jobs, and inclusive growth in Central and West Asia (CWA), as a part of a larger study on the impacts of MDB projects on good jobs and inclusive growth in the region. This analysis would offer advice to ADB, other MDBs, and MDB borrowers that would help to design and implement energy sector interventions that achieve these objectives, and to measure progress against these objectives.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure provided a report outlining the theory of how energy sector projects can create good jobs and inclusive growth, the existing evidence to support that theory in the CWA region, and an explanation of why these impacts are sometimes not achieved. The report also makes recommendations for improving project design and implementation, and setting appropriate indicators and targets.