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Review and Update of Cook Islands National Infrastructure Investment Plan

Organization: DHInfrastructure


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) wanted to support the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF)-a multi-partner coordination and technical assistance facility for improved infrastructure in the Pacific-in conducting a midterm review of the Cook Islands National Infrastructure Investment Plan (NIIP) 2015; update the NIIP to prioritize infrastructure investments; and prepare a funding strategy for the proposed priority investments in the updated NIIP that defines expected contributions from service providers, Government, development partners, climate finance, and the private sector.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure reviewed the NIIP, country development strategy, investment programs, and policy and strategy documents to assess the implementation and performance of the NIIP. We established the demand for infrastructure and related services considering the following: (1) recent policies and sector plans in education, transport, renewable energy, solid waste management, water supply, and other infrastructure sectors; (2) alignment with development partner strategies; (3) the multi-year budget cycle; (4) diversification of economy; (5) economic recovery and job creation post COVID-19; (6) long-term expanded settlement and town planning; (7) resilience of infrastructure to climate change (including shorelines) and natural disasters, and disaster risk management; (8) development and funding of social infrastructure; and (9) opportunities for climate finance and private sector investments. We established the amount of funding available from various sources for capital and recurrent costs related to the proposed priority investments and developed a funding strategy that would ensure financial sustainability.