Projects of Policy and Regulation Sector

Conducting Water Sector Public Expenditure Reviews

Organization: DHInfrastructure


The Governments of Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria asked the World Bank to conduct Public Expenditure Reviews (PER) of their water sectors. The PERs would be used to identify options to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector spending and to better understand the role that public spending plays in achieving sector objectives.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure prepared the water sector PERs for each country. We prepared an overview of each country's institutional and policy framework, budgetary process, allocations, and expenditures in the water sector. We analyzed the trends in spending by subsector (for example, water resource management, irrigation, and flood and drought management among others) to assess the extent to which budgets and expenditures were aligned with sector objectives. We also analyzed the targeting and relative efficiency of sector spending and derived an understanding of the funding, financing, and efficiency gaps in the sector up to 2030. Finally, we summarized our key findings and presented actionable recommendations for each government to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sector spending.