ADB Bangladesh Transmission Grid

Organization: DH Infrastructure


The Asian Development Bank was interested in financing the Southwest Transmission Grid Expansion Project in Bangladesh. The proposed project sought to upgrade the country's transmission infrastructure using high-voltage transmission lines and modern, efficient transformers. The expanded network will help reduce the high losses from generation centers to distant load centers, as well as enable more electricity connections, thereby helping Bangladesh achieve universal electrification.

Service Provided

ADB needed an Energy Adviser to review project documentation for a proposed expansion of a transmission line in southwest Bangladesh. The proposed transmission line will employ efficient conducting materials and energy storage systems to provide grid stability and evacuation of power from generation centers to load centers. DHInfrastructure reviewed and provided analytical oversight for the preparations of the proposed loan and grant to the Government of Bangladesh. These preparations included project documents such as the environmental assessment, Report and Recommendation to the President, and Technical Assistance Report. We also reviewed the economic and financial models for the project to ensure that the analyses meet ADB requirements.