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Africa Energy Strategy for the World Bank

Organization: DH Infrastructure


The World Bank wanted assistance to compile a set of Country Engagement Notes for 26 African countries that would provide an overview of each country's energy sector, including past progress, ongoing challenges, and potential areas for World Bank engagement in the upcoming IDA cycle. The Notes would be incorporated into a regional Synthesis Note to summarize corporate and regional commitments in Africa as well as the Bank's current engagement strategies. These notes will inform World Bank operations during the IDA 18/19 period.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure drafted Country Engagement Notes, in the form of PowerPoint presentations, for 26 African countries. The presentations were tailored to each country's individual challenges, and included a description of the status of the energy sector, potential IDA engagements, and a set of key performance indicators, all under the themes of energy access, security of supply, and operational competence and financial viability. DHInfrastructure presented draft Engagement Notes to each World Bank country team, and incorporated their feedback into a final set of notes. DHInfrastructure then drafted the Regional SSA Power Sector Strategy for IDA 18 background paper, which consolidated each country's challenges and provided an overview of past World Bank operations and paradigm shifts for future engagement in the region.