Projects of Policy and Regulation Sector

Sierra Leone Regulatory Strengthening and Tariff Development

Organization: DH Infrastructure


MCC wanted to support the Commissioners and technical staff of Sierra Leone's Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) in developing the skills and knowledge necessary for EWRC to become an effective, independent, and transparent regulator for the electricity and water sectors. Specifically, MCC wanted to develop a training program for EWRC's Board of Directors; develop a business plan for the regulator; develop key regulations and tariff methodologies for both sectors; provide substantial training and capacity building to EWRC staff; and provide ongoing advisory support through an embedded regulatory advisor. MCC hired AARC, with DHInfrastructure as subcontractor, to implement the project.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure assisted EWRC in developing a regulatory framework for the electricity and water sectors. The framework included critical regulations and practices such as reporting requirements, regulatory accounting principles, licensing procedures, performance monitoring, economic and technical regulation policies, quality of service standards, and public hearing processes. DHInfrastructure then developed tariff methodologies for the electricity and water sectors, analyzed the cost of service and developed a financial model for two electric utilities, and held workshops with EWRC and electricity and water utilities in order to hold a 'dry run' rate-case submission exercise.