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Preparation of SREP Investment Plan for Lesotho

Organization: DH Infrastructure


The Government of Lesotho requested assistance in the preparation of an Investment Plan (IP), which would be used to apply for renewable energy project funding through the Climate Investment Fund’s Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program (SREP). The primary objective of the IP was to identify renewable energy projects where SREP resources and other sources of funds could be used to overcome barriers to investment. These projects were identified by building upon existing analyses of renewable energy potential in Lesotho through in-depth resource and financing modeling. Project identification also involved working with a diverse set of national and international stakeholders from industry, academia and government.

Service Provided

DHInfrastructure led a team of national and international technical consultants to carry out the renewable energy resource assessment and the financial analysis of potential renewable energy resource options. DHInfrastructure then built financial models of dozens of renewable energy resources, and used dispatch modeling software to evaluate the impact of various renewable energy resources on Lesotho's future energy supply. As a final output, DHInfrastructure developed a complete IP, which identified specific investment opportunities and potential sources of funding for each opportunity.