Projects of Evaluation Sector

Benin Energy Evaluation

Organization: DHInfrastructure


The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) signed an Energy Compact with the Government of Benin in 2015, with the objective of improving the country's electricity infrastructure through large-scale investments in generation and distribution. The Electricity Generation Project will increase domestic energy capacity by 78 MW, while the Electricity Distribution Project will replace lines, upgrade substations, and construct a national distribution control center. MCC hired Mathematica Policy Research to conduct a rigorous evaluation that will collect baseline data for comparison after the projects have been implemented in order to assess the extent to which the Projects have met their goals.

Service Provided

Mathematica hired DHInfrastructure's Denzel Hankinson as a subcontractor to provide technical advice and critical input regarding infrastructure construction and grid-monitoring specifications for the evaluation design. Denzel provided input for the Evaluability Report and Workplan, advised on the placement of grid monitors and other measures to be collected, provided technical guidance on the overall design report, and assisted in the development of quantitative surveys and qualitative protocols.